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The IRS is intimidating and they're often wrong. They take advantage of your fear and incorrectly apply the law. Their goal is to collect tax dollars, not to help you. They're agressive and they know you don't know your rights.

You need a fierce advocate with proven results.

"I hadn't filed a tax return in years and owed the IRS over $32,000. We settled our debt for $1!" - D.G., Merced, CA
""I was being audited and the IRS said I didn't report $1,800,000 in income. I ended up paying 5,700!"" - A.H., San Jose, CA
"My plumbing business failed and I owed $96,000 in payroll taxes. We settled the payroll tax debt for $100!" - P.C., San Jose, CA

Offer in Compromise

OIC is the absolute best option for those that qualify. We have settled for as little as $1, thereby changing the lives of many families. It's our job to prove to the IRS that you can't pay the tax debt and our expertise is second to none. Our results speak for themselves.

Currently Not Collectible

The next best option is CNC. If you're deemed CNC you won't make a monthly payment until your financial condition improves. Because the IRS only has 10 years to collect a tax debt, it's possible you won't pay the IRS a penny while becoming tax free.

Part-Pay Installment Agreement

PPIA allows you to make monthly payments you can afford all while the 10 year clock for IRS collections is running. This means that once 10 years has passed the IRS can no longer collect the debt, thereby making you debt free.

Step-Up Installment Agreement

Sometimes you just need time to get your financial life in order. A SUIA allows you to make a small monthly payment for a fixed period of time. The payment increases over time.

Full-Pay Installment Agreement

The FPIA allows you to pay off your tax debt over 72 - 84 months, and sometimes even longer. If you have other debts this might be advantageous since the interest rate the IRS charges is lower than your average credit card.

Penalty Abatement

Penalties can make up a significant amount of your overall tax debt. Under the right circumstances we can eliminate penalties resulting in a much lower tax debt.

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