Audit Defense

Is about a lot more than records. Audits are about human interaction, the law, and painting a picture. Your representative's experience, professionalism, and reputation will make the difference between success and failure. In short, we get you the results you need.

A $1,800,000 Lesson

A taxpayer was unavailable for 7 years and didn't file tax returns for two businesses he owned. An IRS audit was initiated and the IRS estimated he hadn't reported $1,800,000 in income. This generated a tax liability in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. We were hired and fiercely defended our client for 16 months. In the end we negotiated a one-time payment of $5,700 and closed the audit. A taxpayer was the victim of a ponzi scheme and deducted a loss of nearly $200,000, which resluted in an IRS audit.

The IRS attempted to disallow the loss as well as other items on their tax return. The records were less than perfect. We engaged in forensic accounting, record reconstruction, and worked with the District Attorney's office. We won the audit and no changes were made to the tax return.

Taxpayer was audited because their tax pro incorrectly prepared the tax return. The client represented themselves during audit and the result was they owed the IRS $23,000. The taxpayer consulted us and we promised a better result. The client was skeptical because "no one beats the IRS" but they hired us anyway. Result: $0 tax owed and we even got them a refund of $1,107!


Goal: WIN


Tax Dollars Saved


Cases Won


Lives Changed


The outcome of an audit can turn on a single fact and how it's similar or dissimilar to a court case. It takes years of legal training and experience to learn how to conduct legal research and craft legal arguments. But don't take our word for it. Our results speak for themselves.


Substantiating expenses is an art. Taxpayer records are typically incomplete and it takes someone who understands evidence based substatiation to properly craft your defense. We use direct evidence, circumstantial evidence, self authenticating evidence, and reconstructed evidence to defend you.



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